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What is CBD?

CBD is one of several compounds found in cannabis that belongs to a class of molecules called cannabinoids, and comes from two main sources - hemp and marijuana. The difference is that CBD from marijuana comes from the female parts of the plant, (flowers or buds). The rest of the plant, hemp, is the male part of the plant.

THC, the compound in cannabis that gets you high, can be found in both hemp and marijuana, but it is found in it's highest concentrations in marijuana, and the lowest in hemp.

Here at Green Rush, we deal with hemp-based CBD oil and products. The oil comes both with and without THC, and it is important to note that THC free CBD cannot get you high.

What is the "Green Rush"?

During the days of the California Gold Rush of the 1840s and 50s, when gold was found, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to California to prospect for gold and strike it rich.

Well, an interesting thing happened.

Many people did strike it rich, however the people who did weren't the prospectors, but the people who sold the tools - the shovels, picks, sifting pans, etc.

With the progress of legalization in medical marijuana, we are seeing a modern gold rush again, which we call the "green rush".

The industry is CBD, and it's not just CBD oil. There are dozens of products now that will affect everyone's lives from pain relief to health, and more.

Anyway, according to a Rolling Stone Magazine study, the CBD market will reach $22 Billion dollars by 2022, it's only now just getting started.

A lot of people out there are still skeptical, but there are others who are flocking to the industry right now because they want a piece of a $22 Billion dollar pie, myself included.

That is the green rush.

What is The 90-Day CBD Challenge?

First, the 90-Day CBD Challenge is 12 weeks of free training on how to start your own CBD business, and second it is a marketing system that you can leverage and gain access to receive training faster, as well add your income.

Let me explain...

Right now, I am working with a team of experts who are absolutely CRUSHING it selling CBD products, and if you are interested in cashing in on this green rush and starting your own CBD industry, the 90-Day CBD Challenge is exactly what you're looking for.

In the first two days selling, the team made $10,000. In 7 days, they sold $25,000, and they are expected to do $100,000 dollars by the end of their first full month.

We have taken all of the experience and knowledge, and created an educational course you can access for FREE that will teach you how to do what we are doing and potentially get huge results.


Once you register for free, you'll begin to receive a new training every day teaching you how to build your own CBD business. It will include things like marketing, branding and advertising, strategies to generate traffic, build email lists, sell more products, and more.

Every week will have a specific focus, followed by a quiz, and upon completing the program, you will receive a certification. It will be the most current and up to date information and training available, designed to help you start your own CBD business and help you profit from the green rush, and because it's hands on, you'll be able to earn, while you learn.

That alone is reason enough to take the challenge -- but there's more.

The Opportunity

For those who are interested in making even more money, the 90-Day CBD Challenge offers an added opportunity where, instead of waiting 90 days, you can receive access to all of the training at once, as well as use our system as the font end marketing system for our target company's affiliate program.

Our target company has a back end sales system that helps close your leads, and the 90 Day CBD Challenge, for those who qualify, will have the added benefit of using our system to increase their results beginning with a custom sales funnel that you can promote, instead of using our target company's default affiliate page(s).

In effect, you will have an automated sales system working for you to help make you money. On top of that our entire team works together to help you build your organization faster.

There has never been a better time to get involved in a market like this than right now. The last big rush was the 1800s, and the "green rush" will far exceed the gold rush. If you snooze on this offer and don't get involved, there is a very good chance, that years from now, as legalization continues and millionaires and multi-millionaires are being made, you could be one of the people who say, "if only...", and "I wish...".

"If only I got involved when this was new, I would have..."

"Man I wish I knew then what I knew now. I would have..."

Well? This is new and rapidly growing, and now you do know. My recommendation? Take the challenge. It's free to start and you have nothing to lose.

At the end of the 90 days, you'll have received a ton of information, education, and training valued at well over $1,000 that you can turn around and apply to anything else you want, and a certification to show off.

Again, that alone is worth it.

Take the 90-Day CBD Challenge Now

To get started with the 90-day CBD challenge:

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2. Register for free.
3. Follow the instructions to get started.

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